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March-June 2021 End of Sem Exams Timetable and Invigilation room selection

by IODeL Lilian Nelly Kemunto -

Dear student,

Kindly note that all examinations will be done via the emasomo portal

Invigilation room selection
  1. Click here to identify which zoom invigilation room you are supposed to choose as per your year and semester i.e. DBA year 1 semester 1 (DBA 1.1) is to choose zoom 2.

  2. During exam time, always click on the link “LINK TO COMMON ORDINARY EXAM ROOM (BY GROUPS)” of the particular unit being examined to enter the invigilation room. This confirms to the student that he or she is enrolled in that unit and will be able to access the exam. 

  3. Once in the invigilation room, you will be guided by the invigilator(s). If you have any issue or require support, always talk or chat with the invigilator. 

N/B: Always start with ordinary exam 1, submit it then proceed to ordinary exam 2.

N/B: Ordinary exam 2 is mostly essay questions which are best done by writing on a piece of paper then taking a photo or scanning and uploading.

I wish you success in your exams

eLearning Students Registration form for emasomo login credentials and CUK student email

by IODeL Lilian Nelly Kemunto -

Dear eLearning Student,

Kindly fill number two (2) to be emailed your login credentials. If you don't have a CUK student email address, follow the procedure provided in number one (1).

  1. Registration for CUK  Student email address  (ICT office will act upon this)

  2. eLearning Students eMasomo Login Credentials Registration (I will respond to this)

Your submissions will be acted upon within thirty six hours.

N/B: Login credentials will be emailed to your CUK student email.


Kind regards,

Lilian Kemunto - IODeL

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